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Summit Protocol Digital Media is a high performance team which understands what your business needs in order to achieve successful and profitable digital marketing campaigns.

Summit Protocol Digital Marketing focuses on building a strong foundation for our clients that is market research based and centered on consumer behavior. Our digital strategies are anything but traditional, and address both customer acquisition as well as conversion optimization. We understand that customers are the life-blood of any business.

Digital Strategy
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Companies today must have scalable traffic campaigns that produce new, qualified customers if they want consistent growth, and more times than not these “scalable” campaigns come in the form of paid traffic. There’s just one problem: Most so-called “traffic experts”, marketing agencies and “media buyers” don’t know what they’re doing, and they have the results (or lack of results) to prove it. That’s where we come in.

As Certified Customer Acquisition Specialists, we are uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses leverage paid traffic channels such Google, Facebook and other demand-gen platforms to grow their customer base. Our experience has also shown that integrating search engine optimization into our methodology to bring in additional organic traffic from the search engines maximizes the opportunity to build your brand online as the authority in your industry.

In short, we are able to not only deliver fresh leads and customers…we are able to deliver those leads and customers at a PROFIT.

At Summit Protocol we also understand the importance of Conversion Optimization. Most businesses have some sort of “funnel” for generating leads and converting those leads into paying customers, but very few have a truly OPTIMIZED funnel that maximizes conversion opportunity while simultaneously reducing overall acquisition costs.

As Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialists, we’ll help your business to architect a “conversion funnel” that gives your business exactly what you want: MORE conversions, all while spending LESS to acquire them. This approach, aligned with our customer acquisition strategy will ensure that we remove two of the biggest roadblocks that businesses have online: traffic and conversion.

Lastly we look at return paths in the customer acquisition cycle. The goal of Return Paths is to have frequent, strategic communication with your prospects and buyers utilizing a number of channels working in congruence with you existing marketing. Custom Audiences built utilizing Facebook Pixeling, for example, enables us to target “warm” leads instead of cold leads based on previous visits to your website and their actions and interests. This makes marketing far more segmented, specific to the lead, and therefore more effective.

Through our 3-fold approach to marketing online in this manner, we are able to ensure our cost of acquisition is only paid one time, whilst maximizing the value creation to potential prospects, and positioning you as a leading builder.

Our Process

Here at Summit Protocol, we’re not just SEO experts. We help companies grow using the internet by exploding your traffic. Our consultants have an intimate understanding of market psychology and the technology that backs modern marketing. Our approach to SEO is therefore founded on qualitative and quantitative research of a market, and its segments.

Our process has four stages:

Your brand is unique. We need to find out everything we can about your business and its core drivers, your customers, your competitors, and industry for us to drive growth. Therefore, in order for us to execute a successful campaign, we need to extract as much knowledge as possible. We do so via our Discovery Process with a targeted questionnaire, research, and a strategy session with the corporate executives.

Our Digital Audit allows us to gather a baseline to measure progress in the success of your campaign. We can’t do anything unless we are sure your website and other digital assets are set up properly to track and record data. We run an in-depth analysis of your Google Analytics and Google Search Console to uncover any bugs, tracking issues and upgrades required to better measure your campaign.

We use tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs and BuzzSumo, to monitor websites in your niche to get a picture of what is working and what is not. This enables us to formulate the right strategy and channels to create a multiple touch-point marketing strategy.

We will run a full audit of your website to identify factors that could be holding your website back from more traffic. These can include performance factors, technical factors, security factors, as well as SEO factors.

Finally, understanding your competitors and their digital strategy is critical to your success in your digital campaign. It helps us determine and formulate the best strategy and leverage points to overtake them. We will run like for like comparisons with your top competitors to identify opportunities for growth.

Armed with our research we begin an intensive process of collaborative iteration. Its collaborative because no one knows your business’ buying audience better than you, and its iterative because honing your SEO takes time and patience. With this data, we can formulate the strategic way ahead required to drive growth. In this phase we use industry and competitor data to formulate a plan to execute over the life of your campaign.

With keyword opportunity discovery mapping our team will determine the most valuable keywords for your business. We split these terms into two segments based on intent: buying vs information. This helps map the right keywords to the right pages, as well as brings further clarity to website structure and content creation.

Knowing your top performing competitors on the web, helps us to understand what Google determines as being the best link profile in your market. By running a link audit on your competitors, we’ll be able to determine the right link profile for your Business.

Topical research for content enables us to leverage the keyword and competitor research to identify topics of conversation that drive traffic. Through identifying opportunities in all stages of your sales funnel to improve content effectiveness, we can drive not only more traffic, but greater engagement that leads to greater sales conversion.

Finally, we look to existing funnels and their return paths to look at opportunities to increase performance and return using email marketing, and other re-marketing opportunities such as ad re-targeting.

Once all these functions have been achieved, we will build and present to you a detailed strategy with a tight set of actionable recommendations for implementation, mapping out the campaign from end to end. Once approved, we are ready to execute for growth.

At this point we are ready to execute on your growth campaign. Our team will engage in making the website and technical adjustments necessary as a foundation for future growth.

We will ensure everything is set up properly to track and monitor your campaign. We will also create an analytics project plan to make sure all your issues are fixed within a timely manner, ready to track the ROI of your campaign.

At this point, your key digital asset has the foundation for the growth phase.

Finally, this is where we really earn our money through generating exponential organic growth of your business.

Through our link building campaigns and optimization of digital assets away from the core website asset, we aim to build authoritative links that build trust and credibility for your business, but which can also rank to mamimize your brands reach and social proof; whilst reaching the top of the search engines.

Every month we will monitor the campaigns for performance and make course corrections as and if required. We also provide real time dashboards for the Corporate Executive to monitor progress.

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